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This Is Us

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We are a small and agile team, sourcing talent far beyond the job boards. 

Working out of Dublin and Carlow in Ireland, we source across all of Europe, with a current focus on Bulgaria, Ireland and the UK.


Established in 2018, our year-on-year growth has been significant.  We are trusted by the world's largest iGaming company and various Fortune 500's to source their European staff. 

For Clients

If you've been looking for talent lately, you might have noticed that it's getting more difficult to find than it was. It's hardly surprising. Particularly (but not exclusively) within IT, the demand is already greater than the supply, and with millions more jobs being created in the next decade and beyond, this equation is only going to get more pronounced.

It's estimated that only one in seven people are actively looking for work at any one time. There is already a dearth of qualified professionals with specific skills, and only 14% are looking for work. Advertising on job boards is going to give an increasingly diminishing return.

At i-Recruit, we are working hard to connect with talented professionals. We get to know them and what makes them tick. We talk to people who aren't actively looking for work so that we can discuss the right opportunities with them as they arise. We're building up a bank of experts so that we can help our clients find the right people as they look to the future.

We talk to the 86%.

For Candidates

If you're working within IT, then you have made a very wise career choice, and in an ever-changing work landscape, that's no mean feat. Millions of jobs are going to be created in the next decade and beyond, and it will take time for education providers and governments to provide the mechanisms to supply this demand for talent.

You need to keep making wise career choices.

At i-Recruit, we take our time getting to know our candidates. You don't have to be actively seeking a change of job - we'll do that for you, and will only come back to you when we have something that ticks your boxes. We have a professional, mature approach that is often lacking in the recruitment industry, and we're confident you'll notice the difference.


We want to help you make the right next move, however long it takes.


We'll find the job for you.


Whilst we launched to source talent exclusively for the tech sector, this has evolved over time, and we now have various specialised divisions for :








GENERAL (everything else)

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