If you've been looking for talent in IT, AI, Data and BI lately, you might have noticed that it's getting more difficult to find than it was. It's hardly surprising. The demand is already greater than the supply, and with millions more jobs being created in the next decade and beyond, this equation is only going to get more pronounced.


It's estimated that only one in seven people are actively looking for work at any one time. There is already a dearth of qualified professionals with specific IT skills, and only 14% are looking for work. Advertising on job boards is going to give an increasingly diminishing return.


At i-Recruit, we are working hard to connect with talented IT professionals. We get to know them and what makes them tick. We talk to people who aren't actively looking for work so that we can discuss the right opportunities with them as they arise. We're building up a bank of experts so that we can help our clients find the right people as they look to the future.

We talk to the 86%.