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General Division


Looking for talent?

A boutique recruitment agency, we headhunt rather than relying on job boards.  Our General Division works across all white-collar positions not covered within our specialised divisions. Our fees are very competitive and we are proud to have a number of Fortune 500 clients.

Looking for a new position?

We are always looking for white collar talent etc. particularly Irish-based.  If you are considering a move, send on your CV to  Consider us your professional career agents, as we will reach out with any positions that could be a good career move.

Recent successes:

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relating to the work done or the people who work in an office or other professional environment


Office Positions

Recent sourcing has included more traditional roles such as administration, marketing roles.   Together with more unusual roles such as nuke compositors.



Recent sourcing for professionals has included high-level financial positions, directors and executives. 

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