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Are you ready to start hiring again?

It looks like things might be getting back to something approaching normality (whatever that means in 2021), and all of us are trying to work out quite where we are.

We’ve spent the lockdown honing our digital headhunting function using cutting edge, RPA technology, and we’re very confident that we can worker quicker, more efficiently and smarter than ever. What this means to our clients is that we can pass on these improvements in a way that really counts – the bottom line.

Our General Division are offering all new clients a flat, fixed (for 12 months) fee of just
€2500 for any vacancy that is not covered by our IT Division. In addition to this, we don't expect the invoice to be paid for eight weeks, and should the new employee leave within this period, the invoice will be cancelled.


We don't want to make money for a job that is not well done.

You won’t get a budget service for this. We’re very professional. We don’t waste our clients’ or candidates’ time with speculative applications. We always treat our candidates with respect. We’re an advocate for our clients from the moment we touch base with applicants, and this carries on throughout the process. We have a mature, experienced team, and it shows.

We have a four way process of finding our clients the most suitable, qualified candidates:

We don't expect you to employ our candidate unless you find them to be better than people you source from elsewhere.

We're confident that you will.

€2500 fixed fee, 8 week payment terms with a full refund in place in those eight weeks, plus our thorough, professional service.

What do you have to lose?


Source all potential candidates – Our software uses the obvious (Job Boards) and the less obvious (behaviour patterns, affiliation and advocacy) to source every potential candidate. We target people who aren't looking, but are open to interesting opportunities.

o  interesting opportunities.


Discreet introductions are instigated with all source candidates.  This can be anything from two or three globally to hundreds locally, depending on the nuances of the role. Every position is different, and every candidate is different. We never lose sight of this.


All those that engage with the process are carefully managed by our experienced staff. This is the stage where strong relationships are developed to ensure that we look after the best interests of our clients and our candidates alike; they have an equal footing with us.


Skill set, character traits and general suitability will then be put into an equation and only then will suitable, qualified candidates be presented to our clients, using an identical format of content to ensure balance and consistency.


We source the best available candidates using a skilled team and clever software.


This is the bit where we try to convince you that we are different. And better, obviously.


We're nothing without you. Welcome to some respect and professionalism.


All our live jobs. We work hard to get them and then work harder to fill them.


It's 2021. There are plenty of ways to get in touch. Choose whichever suits.


T: +353 (0)86 7835656


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