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Why use us?

We are an agile team that sources the highest level of candidates, discreetly and efficiently.  Whilst we are proud to be continually sourcing staff for some global banking and i-gaming organisations, our key strengths lie in sourcing staff within Ireland, working across all sectors.

We have an introductory offer:

We'll charge just 9.99% of the starting salary for the first person that we place with a new client. 

We work to our client's specifications:

We let our clients dictate the nature of the working relationship, because all clients have their own expectations. We're experienced, professional and flexible. We’re small (and that isn’t likely to change), but that means that what we provide to our clients and candidates is top level and always consistently so.  We work hard for our clients and do a lot of nitty-gritty work that our competitors do not. We don't just wait for job-seekers to contact us; we go out and find them.

We're very candidate oriented.

We build strong relationships with our candidates because without them, we're nothing. We're honest and forthright and really get to know them.  Everyone gets treated with respect. Everyone. 

We have a diverse and flexible team.

Our Ireland offices provide sophisticated support advertising across job sites, search and social advertising.  This, together with our headhunting of passive candidates, ensures we reach potential candidates that others will miss. Our in-house developers, working out of Nashville and Dublin's Silicon Docks ensure our bespoke software is at the cutting edge for recruitment performance.

We won't waste your time.

We can't guarantee that we'll find the perfect candidate for you; any agency that does that is empty and vapid. We can guarantee however that we won't waste your time with unqualified candidates that don't fit your requirements. We're mature and experienced and we'll work hard to find whomever it is you're looking for. Really hard, because that's what you pay us for.


If you're struggling to find that elusive employee, our general recruitment division would love to help.

Get in touch with us here for a gentle, commitment free chat or email info@i-recruit.ie


We recruit for all IT, Tech, AI and Data positions.


This is the bit where we try to convince you that we are different. And better, obviously.


We're nothing without you. Welcome to some respect and professionalism.


All our live jobs. We work hard to get them and then work harder to fill them.


It's 2020. There are plenty of ways to get in touch. Choose whichever suits.


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E: info@i-recruit.ie

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