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Welcome to i-Recruit

Are you ready to start hiring again?

It looks like things might be getting back to something approaching normality (whatever that means in 2021), and all of us are trying to work out quite where we are.

At i-Recruit, we have used the recent challenging times to look at our structure and systems, to improve our efficiency and hone our hunting skills. We have a smart, agile team and some even smarter digital techniques in order to find the strongest available candidates for our clients.  This is complemented with an already extensive network across the EU and UK.

All of this means that we are able to pass on these improvements on to our clients in the way that REALLY counts – the bottom line.  For any vacancy that is not covered by our tech division, we have reduced our fees from 15% to 7.5% until the end of 2021.  And of course, if you find your new employee from elsewhere, then there is no invoice at all.

We’re experienced, discreet, professional and trusted by the world’s largest gaming company to source their European staff.

We are pleased to announce the formation of two new divisions:

Car Dashboard


Exclusively for Ireland.

Everything from an actuary to agent, contact Chris Coppell to start a conversation.

Architectural Construction


Exclusively for Ireland.

Professional positions across residential, commercial, civil, industrial and environmental.


We source the best available candidates using a skilled team and clever software.


This is the bit where we try to convince you that we are different. And better, obviously.


We're nothing without you. Welcome to some respect and professionalism.


All our live jobs. We work hard to get them and then work harder to fill them.