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Data and AI Recruitment

Millions of jobs are going to be created globally in the next decade and beyond. Organisations across the board will need to embrace the most contemporary technology if they wish to remain competitive. It's the future and there is no hiding from it.​


At i-Recruit, we understand how squeezed the job market is becoming.  Tech-oriented professionals are in demand and hard to find.

We find them.


A boutique recruitment agency established in 2018, we headhunt rather than relying on job boards.  Our fees are very competitive, and we have discounts against exclusivity, multiple positions and retainer services.  
If you are struggling to source talent, please consider letting us add to your recruiting arsenal. It’s a no risk way of ensuring that you cast your net as widely as possible to give you the best chance of finding the best people.
We've recently signed a partnership with our second Fortune 500 company and are working successfully across various sectors, recent and ongoing clients  include:


Permanent Recruitment

For full time positions we will engage with the strongest talent within the designated parameters, discreetly presenting the opportunity.  Thus ensuring that you will be choosing from the best available talent. If somebody we present to you is hired, there will be a one-off charge for a percentage of the annual salary.  Our rates are very competitive.

Contract Recruitment

If your infrastructure facilitates contractors but you would like to have more talent options, our self managed package is a highly cost-effective option.

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