The money bit

  • We will charge 15% of the starting salary for every successful placement.

  • We think it’s fair that the invoice is paid 28 days from the commencement of employment.

  • We also think it’s fair that we will offer a full refund if the employment is terminated for any reason in the first eight weeks.

  • In this instance, we’d like 28 days from the termination date to find a suitable replacement, but we aren’t insisting on it.

  • If someone we introduce to a client is employed directly by said client within twelve months of our introduction, then the fee agreed for the initial position will be applicable. That’s fair.

The legal bit

  • We’ll do our best to vet the people we introduce to our clients, but we aren’t mind readers. All introductions are made in good faith, so if we do become aware of something of concern, we’ll discuss it with our client.

  • However, if we’re not aware of something of concern, we think it would be unreasonable for us to be deemed responsible if someone we introduce subsequently misbehaves. In this instance, we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, expense, damage or delay caused by such a person. We really hope it doesn’t happen.

The ethics bit

  • We don’t send on a candidates’ details without their permission.

  • We don’t divulge client information until it is necessary.

  • We don’t get references for candidates as a matter of course. They are fast becoming a legal minefield, and experience has shown us that they are of little value.

  • We will always be discreet.

  • We will not encourage anyone we have placed in employment with a client to leave that client. Ever.