Let's face the music and dance...

There may be trouble ahead But while there's moonlight and music And love and romance Let's face the music and dance

Before the fiddlers have fled Before they ask us to pay the bill And while we still have that chance Let's face the music and dance

Soon, we'll be without the moon Humming a different tune, and then There may be teardrops to shed So while there's moonlight and music And love and romance Let's face the music and dance, dance Let's face the music and dance”

In 1850, a storm in the Scottish Orkney Islands unearthed an ancient village, Skara Brae, found on the Bay of Skaill. The village was unusual, remarkably preserved despite being built 5000 years ago. The ten houses were made of stone and slate, as was the furniture inside. It’s entirely possible that the pioneers of Skara Brae were some of the first people to ever do this. Trees were in very short supply, meaning that the villagers had to be inventive and make the most of what nature had endowed them with. It is a tribute to the adaptability and ingenuity of humanity, and today is a UNESCO site, visited by thousands every year, despite its remote location.

As a race, we have our drawbacks, it’s true. I’m not sure that evolution has kept up with the changes that we face. We are still basically cave-people, designed to live a simple life that focuses on survival. And up to about three hundred years ago, that’s pretty much exactly what we did. And then clever people started making clever machines and utilising fossil fuels. That’s just fifteen generations ago, give or take. Since this time, the World has transformed into something utterly unrecognisable.

Sprawling metropolises abound, each with a skyline of architectural wonders. A smorgasbord of edible delights are just a shopping trip away, although that might be about to change, to some degree. A vast array of wondrous expressions of creativity are just a few clicks away. We can converse with people all over the world, face to face, in the comfort of our own homes. Yes, this progress has come at a cost. Progress usually does, unfortunately.

But just take a second to consider the quality of life that about half the planet has. Our forebears may not have had to worry about global warming, sea-levels rising and paying the mortgage, but they did have to worry about cutting their finger on a bramble, getting an infection and dying. They had to worry about finding clean water to drink and enough food to survive. They lived in hovels, with no heating, no windows and no toilets. They worked hard, lived rough and died young. They lived short, squalid, dirty lives, and until we started making machines, 99% of us lived lives that we can barely imagine through the eyes of today’s luxury and opulence. In a passing of time so insignificant in the 14 billion year history of everything, we’ve become something else entirely.

So, whisper it, because it’s not very fashionable right now : we’re amazing. We’re just not perfect.

Throughout our lives, as individuals and as a collective, we face constant challenges, and we face those challenges down. We may not all survive, but as a race, we are survivors.

Adversity can bring out the best in us, even in today’s dog eat dog society. We’re all seeing manifestations of that, every day.

We face a challenge like nothing in living memory and what is happening today is going to change the social and working landscape forever, in ways that we don’t understand yet.

Many of us are working from home, or perhaps not even working at all. It’s a scary time, and the future – always a mystery – seems even more mysterious right now. There is an ever-increasing sense of unease and in some quarters, denial.

New pennies drop every day, and I think that many of us are becoming used to reframing our reality in significant ways, every day. We are remarkably resilient and adaptable. It defines us.

We live in interesting times that will also define us for decades to come.

Many of us have more spare time, and we need to fill it with more than Netflix and worrying.

We have an idea:

We want to #gettalenttalking .

We want to help businesses and talented people to start talking to each other. We’ve worked hard to have a large reach, and we are connected to a wealth of smart, insightful and ambitious people.

We are offering a free service to all of you.

There are no hidden fees, no invoices in waiting.

We want to help connect people to have fruitful exchanges that will allow us to reboot after the ensuing madness, stronger, better, with a sense of optimism and productivity.

Do you understand how the latest technology might change the way you do business? Do you have a take on how AI and the processing of data might make your company stronger? Do you appreciate the applications of robotic process automation? Do you know how developments in software can improve how you do business?

There are plenty of people that do. There is a wealth of clever individuals that can help you join the dots and look to the future with optimism.

Let us use our skills and experience to start connecting to with these people, and see what happens. The most it will cost you is a little time. And I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a surplus of that right now.

Let me give some to you.

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