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AI and Data are burgeoning technological advancements, and they are going to change everything.


Organisations across the board will need to embrace this technology if they wish to keep up. It's the future and there is no hiding from it.

Over many years we have established a significant network of European talent. 

At i-Recruit, we understand how squeezed the job market is becoming.  Quality professionals are in demand and  increasingly difficult to find.

What We Do

We are working hard to connect with talented IT professionals. We have built and are still building up a bank of experts so that we can help our clients find the right people as they look to the future.

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When We Fit

Should job boards and advertising not have sourced the right level of talent, our talent pool and recruitment strategy will reach an alternative and highly receptive audience.  

Where It Works

We are currently achieving a 60 percent success rate on highly specialised and niche positions. 

Can we help you?


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The Launch Party

VIP areas not required this time around.



The First Big Catch

Agreement reached with world's largest iGaming company.

Blogs (and some bad puns)

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